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Landscape design and gardening services


Growing environmental sculpture

It allows me to create a work that is in harmony with nature, incorporating recycled material, live plant and flowers.  This makes it into a continually changing and growing work of art that can eventually decompose back into the earth.

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2D and 3D planning

2 and 3 dimensional plans allows a clear vision of the final outcome and make the appropriate changes and fine tuning while still at the planning stage


 Construction of decks, pergolas, ornamental pools and planning of irrigation systems

  I have experience building a wide range of outdoor structures which add to the landscape design.  These include:  green walls, pergolas, wooden decks, ornamental pools and structures using natural materials. In addition, I can install a fully computerized irrigation system for any garden or landscape project


Project management and supervision

I have vast experience in diverse projects both large and small scale. I know how to efficiently manage a team of workers, and work along side to assure that the project with be run correctly, safely and reach an optimal end result  

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